«Integrated Use and Protection of underground spaces»



International Research-to-practice Conference «Integrated Use and Protection of underground spaces» devoted to the 100th anniversary of scientific and tourist-excursion activities in Kungur Ice Cave and V.S. Lukin's 100th birthday anniversary


MAY 26 - 31, 2014



Second Circular

March, 2013


Dear Colleagues!


In view of the 100th anniversary of tourism and research activities in Kungur Ice Cave and V.S. Lukin's 100th birthday anniversary, Stalagmit-Excurs Ltd., Mining Institute of Ural branch of RAS and Perm State National Research University arrange an international research-to-practice conference, the purpose of which is to discuss the problems of scientific study and exploitation of underground spaces, management, tourism and recreation in the karst areas.

For registration requirements and paper submission guidelines please visit: http://www.mi-perm.ru/information/conference/icecave.

We invite you to participate in the conference from 26 to 31 May 2014.

1. Scientific program

The conference will discuss the issues in 2 directions: 1st section is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of tourism and research activities in Kungur Ice Cave, 2nd section - the memory of famous karst researcher V.S. Lukin:

1. Underground space as an object of study (geology, mineralogy, ecology, hydrology, meteorology, glaciology, biology, archeology etc.).

2. Problems of management, tourism and recreation in the karst areas.

33. History of tour exploitation of underground spaces.

4. Protection of karst landscapes and caves.

5. Problems of Engineering Geology of karst areas.

6. Monitoring of karst processes.

7. Public education and environmental education.


Organizing Committee:

Chairman: President of Perm Scientific Center of RAS, member of RAS Valery Matveenko.

Co-chairmen: Director of Mining Institute, Ural Branch of RAS, Doctor of Engineering, Professor Alexander Baryakh,

Vice-Rector of Perm State National Research University, Doctor of Geological Mineralogical Sciences, Professor Valery Kataev.

Members of the Scientific Committee:

Bredikhin Andrey, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs of Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor   

Woo Kyung Sik, president of union of international speleologists (UIS), representative  of international committee of world heritage of UNESCO, professor of national university in Chungchong, Kanvondo province (South Korea)

Zyryanov Alexander, Dean of Faculty of Geography of Perm State National Research University, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor   

Koksharov Roman, City executive of Kungur

Koroteev Victor, Member of RAS   

Lysanov Vadim, Executive Officer of Kungur District   

Maggi Valter, President of Association of Ice Caves of the world, Department of Earth Sciences "Ardito Desio", University of Milan (Italy), Professor.

Mavlyudov Bulat, Chairman of Commission of Speleology and Karst MC RGS, Ph.D.

Maksimovich Nikolaj, Deputy Director of the Institute of Natural Sciences of PSU, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences.

Morozova Svetlana, Director of Stalagmit-Excurs Ltd.  

Poloshkin Viatcheslav, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources of Perm region Summers David, President of Show Caves of the world (Bermuda),  

Smirnov Sergey, Chairman of Board of Directors of Stalagmit-Excurs Ltd.  

Filatov Valery, LLC "Knauf gyps KUNGUR"  

Chibilev Alexander, Chairman of Standing Environmental Commission of Russian Geographical Society, Corresponding Member of RAS  

Working Committee:

Glazkova Elena, Head of Economic Development Administration Department of Kungur administration

Korobeinikova Svetlana, consultant on tourism of Kungur District administration  

Mikhailova Irina, head of section on tourism development of Kungur administration

Nikolaj Panchukov, Kungur Laboratory-station of Mining Institute of Ural branch of RAS, Head of laboratory, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences.

Mushkalov Sergej, Director of Kungur Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve   

Fedeneva Ekaterina, deputy marketing director of Stalagmit-Excurs Ltd

Yanev Aleksey, Head of Department for culture, sport, youth policy and tourism of Kungur District administration  

Conference Secretariat:

Verkholanceva Iraida Aleksandrovna, Secretary, arc@mi-perm.ru, tel/fax (342) 216-75-02 / 216-09-69

Yuriy Stepanov, Scientific Secretary of Mining Institute of Ural branch of RAS, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences stepanov@mi-perm.ru,

Olga Kadebskaya, Senior researcher of Mining Institute of Ural branch of RAS, Associate professor of tourism of PSU, PhD icecave@bk.ru

Event Home: http://www.mi-perm.ru/information/conference/icecave

2. Program:

Monday, May 26, 2014. Transfer Perm-Kungur, registration of participants, excursions to the Ice Mountain, an interactive program in the Village of Ermak.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014. Formal opening session of the conference, work of sections, presentations, posters, lunch, tour over Kungur and Kungur Ice Cave (torchlight procession "By Khlebnikov’s Path").

Wednesday, May 28, 2014. Formal opening session of the conference, work of sections, presentations, posters, lunch, tour to karst area of classical Kungur, dinner in Kashirino village, master class in rock climbing.

Thursday, May 29, 2014. Work of sections, presentations, posters, closing ceremony.

Friday, May 30, 2014. Rafting on the river Sylva from Camai village to stone Ermak, lunch in fields, dinner at Stalagmite hotel. Departure of participants, transfer Kungur -Perm.

3. Submission of abstracts and reports

All presentations should be in English or Russian. Oral presentations are scheduled for 20 minutes, including 5 minutes for questions and answers. The maximum length / height of posters - 150 cm.

Texts of articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word, format A4, all margins of 2 cm.

Abstract should be structured as follows: Title should be centered and in bold Times New Roman, 11. File name consists of the first author's surname in latin letters (Petrov.doc).

Below are the author(s): list of authors in Times New Roman 10.

Below 1 line - name of organization and address(es) of participants.

Abstract: Brief description up to 500 words. Keywords: no more than 5 words. Text should not exceed 10 pages (23,000 characters). Tables, figures, maps, and bibliographic references should be included in text. Figures and tables should be submitted as separate files, with clear markings to be placed in the text, if necessary.

Organizing committee reserves the right to reject materials, disagreeing with subject of the conference. The most interesting reports by agreement with authors can be published in the Festschrift "Caves" № 37 in the second half of 2014.

4. Excursions. During the conference you can get acquainted with the world famous Kungur Ice Cave, which has been the subject of tourism for 100 years. You can view the area of carbonate-sulfate karst of classic Kungur of Permian.

Please indicate in the registration form your participation in the rafting on the river Sylva, it is necessary to organize the desired number of rafting facilities. Conference program will be sent to participants in the third circular in April 2014.

Please send your suggestions and comments to e-mail: Scientific Secretary of the MI UB of RAS Yuri Stepanov stepanov@mi-perm.ru, or Olga Kadebskaya, icecave @bk.ru, tel: 89024786961

5. The registration fee: Registration fee includes: editing and publishing of report abstracts of the conference, organizational expenses, transportation et other services. Registration fee is 100 Euro, for students and accompanying persons – 50 Euro. Correspondence conference participants pay no registration fee.

Registration fee is paid via bank transfer, or in cash on arrival of the participant to the conference.

Registration fee can be sent by bank or postal transfer to current account:










BENEFICIARY: ACC: 40503978900000020162


In reference please indicate: registration fee for participation in conference and name of sender.

Post-conference participants will receive accountable receipts for bookkeeping.

Please indicate in business trip certificate as place of destination: MI Ural Branch of RAS. 

6. Venue of conference and accommodation:

All meetings will be held in the conference hall of the tourist complex "Stalagmit".

Information about the city of Kungur you can get on the website http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kungur

Participants will be accommodated in the hotel "Stalagmit". Room rates per night:

Single rooms from 800 to 2,000 rubles, Double rooms from 600 to 3,000 rubles, 3-bed rooms 1200 rubles, 4-bed rooms, 1,000 rubles.


Regarding all questions of accommodation, please contact our coordinator Margarita Karinkina at: icecave2014@mi-perm.ru