Volume 189, 2017, Pages 325–331

Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference Transportation Geotechnics and Geoecology (TGG-2017).

Edited By Andrei Petriaev and Anastasia Konon.

Open Access

Seismic and Geomechanical Monitoring of Transport Infrastructure on Undermined Territories

  • Mining institute of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Perm, Sibirskaya str., 78a


Development of deposits of water-soluble minerals is connected with the risk of the accidents caused by the destruction of the waterproof stratum, and, as a consequence, water breakthrough into the mines. Thereupon, besides the problem of the mine's loss the problem of stability of the massif uppermost part appears. This part includes the foundations of buildings and serves as the base for railways and highways, bridges, dams, pipelines and etc.

At the present stage of remote geophysical techniques of monitoring and prediction of such negative natural and technic origin, processes methods of high-resolution seismic survey on reflected waves have been developed most of all. In addition to prompt acquisition of physical and geological models of the section, the results of seismic observation's interpretation are proposed to be used as a part of parametric support for geomechanical calculations, which makes possible to predict rock mass stability in the range of transport facilities located above the mines.


  • remote monitoring;
  • failures;
  • geomechanics;
  • seismic;
  • karst


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